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StudioPress, CopyBlogger, Scribe SEO, Oh My!

I may be going out on a limb here, but it appears to me that either, A) Brian Gardner and Brian Clark may have teamed up to make one heck of a strong company, or B) Brian Clark and some investors now own StudioPress and some other great services/sites. :) Whichever is the case, congrats to Copyblogger Media LLC, as they now own StudioPress, CopyBlogger, and Scribe SEO (and some other services/sites).

From all indications, all of these services/sites are now owned by a newly formed Texas Corporation – CopyBlogger Media, LLC.

So what makes me think this? While on the last night, I noticed their footer was changed to read, “StudioPressĀ® is registered trademark of Copyblogger Media LLC”. Likewise, the footers of, and changed from “CopyBlogger LLC” to “CopyBlogger Media LLC”.

Brian Clark of is in Texas. So being curious, I did a quick online check of Texas Corporation records. The results showed, “Copyblogger LLC” has been a registered entity since 2008. However, “Copyblogger Media LLC” was just registered a week ago – August 25, 2010. Coincidence? Doubtful. :)

Again, congrats to Copyblogger Media LLC, and whomever the shareholders may be! One heck of a company you have compiled there! I’m sure the bar will now be raised even higher within the WordPress community.

UPDATE: Sure enough, StudioPress merged with CopyBlogger, and a few other to form a new media company! Read the full release here. Congrats to Brian Gardner, Brian Clark, and all involved!

2 Responses to “StudioPress, CopyBlogger, Scribe SEO, Oh My!”

  1. Hey Adam – great detective work. All of the partners of Copyblogger Media saw your post, and we had to chuckle. You were spot on.

    • Adam says:

      Hey Brian. I knew something was up. :)

      A sincere congrats to you on the merger. Seems like the perfect fit for all involved. Looking forward to seeing some great things from you guys!

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