Is your WordPress .htaccess file causing problems with other files?

That’s the issue I ran into. I was building a WordPress site, and put a billing/invoicing app in a subdirectory of the site.

Well, the default rewrite lines (that WordPress added to the site’s htaccess file) were causing major issues for the billing script (AWBS). It was also causing problems with Apache password protecting of a directory. The WordPress rewrite would take over before Apache would invoke the username/password entry box.

It was a big mess. I spent a long time pulling my hair out over the situation.

SpyFu Discount Code

As a participant in their beta testing program, I received some SpyFu Discount Codes that are good for the lifetime of your subscription. I have one left. So whomever gets it first can use it! It must be initially used before July 2nd 2007 though.

From the SpyFu Email…

Setup an IDN in WHM/CPanel

I recently ran across a question where the user wanted to setup an IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) in WHM/Cpanel. For those wondering, an IDN is a domain name that uses non-ASCII characters, such as ñ, ü, ý, etc. I learned that the process to setup such a domain in WHM/Cpanel is quite simple.