Setup an IDN in WHM/CPanel

I recently ran across a question where the user wanted to setup an IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) in WHM/Cpanel. For those wondering, an IDN is a domain name that uses non-ASCII characters, such as ñ, ü, ý, etc. I learned that the process to setup such a domain in WHM/Cpanel is quite simple.

To setup the domain in WHM, you first need to convert the IDN domain name to Punycode. For example the non-ASCII domain name “” converts to the punycode version, “”. Once you have the punycode version of the domain, you’re set to go. Just make sure account username does not use punycode or any non-ACII characters. Just use plain ASCII characters for usernames.

For example: If the domain name to setup was fü I’d use this in WHM:

domain name:
username: fusher

Here’s a handy punycode converter.