SpyFu Discount Code

Want to see which keywords your competitors are buying on adwords? That’s exactly what SpyFu does.

As a participant in their beta testing program, I received some SpyFu Discount Codes that are good for the lifetime of your subscription. I have one left. So whomever gets it first can use it! It must be initially used before July 2nd 2007 though.

From the SpyFu Email…

…days left to take advantage of the Lifetime 50% fixed rate discount you are entitled to as a Beta customer. The same applies to the Invite Codes. People are buying the montly subscription for $38.50; you can get it for $19.25. The annual subscription is going for $296; you can get it for $148. You could be Mr. Nice Guy; make someone’s day by saving them some money. On the other hand, you could give it as a “favor”… y’know Tony Soprano-style. 😉 Subscribe now at the SpyFu store: https://www.spyfu.com/store/ For your convenience, I have included any unused Invite Codes below:

New SpyFu Data Posted

The latest run of SpyFu data is now available. The current run was finished on 6/15 and posted on 6/18. The source comes from live results pulled from Google between Apr. 25 and May 8. Our goal is to be able to complete a full run withing 30 days, and we have been steadily improving. The next run is in progress and I expect it to complete on or near 7/20.

I hope you are having a great summer,

Michael J. Roberts (MRSpy)
Inventor and Lead Developer, SpyFu.com
President, Velocityscape, LLC

Beta user Lifetime discount offer expires on (July 2, 2007). As long as you remain a subscriber your price for the subscriptions currently offered by SpyFu will not increase. Of course, if we offer a new product, or if you cancel your subscription you may be required to pay a different rate.